Union Sc Jail Population (2024)

1. Union County Detention Center

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2. Union County Detention Center

  • The Detention Center Pretrial and Work Camp Divisions employ 32 Officers that supervise an average population of 100 county/city detainees for pretrial ...


3. Union County, SC Inmate Search - StateCourts.org

  • UNION County has 21 jails with an average daily population of 723 inmates with a total of 21 jail population. When breaking down the UNION County jail ...

  • Lookup who's in jail in Union County, SC. Find inmate records and incarceration details through our database of Union County jails, prisons, and other facilities.

4. Current Inmates - union county sheriff's office

5. Union County Inmate Search

  • Union County jail roster lists inmates currently incarcerated at the jail facility. To search quickly, enter an inmate's name or arrest date in the search form ...

  • Find jail inmates by Union County inmate search, the jail roster displays inmates in custody in the Union County jail.

6. South Carolina correctional populations of Census 2020 vintage

  • Lists of prisons and jails in South Carolina with their approximate populations and addresses. ... Union Co. Jail, 65, Local, 12/31/2013. Walden Correctional ...

  • Lists of prisons and jails in South Carolina with their approximate populations and addresses

7. Union County Detention Center - Facebook

8. [PDF] Union County Detention Center

  • 8 jun 2021 · Population/Geographical Area Impacted: State of South Carolina, Union City, Union County, Town of Jonesville. Innovation: This facility will ...

9. Inmate Inquiry | Union County, NC - Sheriff

  • Select the button below to continue to the Inmate Inquiry database. Inmates-Solid@2x Inmate Inquiry. CONTACT US ...

  • Divisions » Detention

10. Union County SC Jail Inmate Lookup, Union County, SC

  • Union, SC County SC Jail View. This division houses an average population of up to 64 county inmates serving sentences ordered by the Magistrate or General ...

  • Search US public records by name, or browse by state.

11. Union County Detention Center Work Camp - Pigeonly

  • State prison lookups can vary depending on locale, and inmates can often be moved from one location to another within the South Carolina Department of ...

  • Connect with an inmate at Union County Detention Center Work Camp located in South Carolina. Save up to 70% on prison calls, photos, letters & more

12. Union County Jail - SC Picture Project

  • Mills rejected basem*nt cells, or dungeons, claiming that not only did they make jails vulnerable to prisoner escapes, but that they were unhealthy for inmates ...

  • This building of locally-quarried granite ashlar sits in downtown

13. Inmate Look Up Disclaimer – Union County Sheriff's Office - UCNJ.org

  • It should be noted that the records of offenders who have been paroled or released are not updated after they leave the custody of the correctional facility, ...

  • Purpose The purpose of the inmate Look Up is to provide public safety and welfare while providing community access to selected offender information, consistent with the spirit and intent of the New…

14. M.C.S.O. - Current Inmates - Monroe County Sheriff's Office

  • Click here to see inmate rules and regulations Detention Center mailing addresses, and to see a list of visiting hours for each unit, dorm and detention ...

  • Accessibility Policy The Monroe County Sheriff's Office is committed to providing access to all individuals—with or without disabilities—seeking information on Keysso.net. To provide this information, we've built Keysso.net to conform to American with Disabilities Act (as amended). The ADA requires that all individuals with disabilities have access to, and use of, information and data comparable to that provided to individuals without disabilities, unless an undue burden would be imposed on us. If you use assistive technology (such as a screen reader, eye tracking device, voice recognition software, etc.) and have difficulty accessing information on Keysso.net, please contact us and provide the URL (web address) of the material you tried to access, the problem you experienced, and your contact information. We'll contact you and attempt to provide the information you're seeking. You may contact us by telephone at (305) 292-7000 or via email web@keysso.net.

Union Sc Jail Population (2024)
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