Parts – TimeCutter SS 3200 Riding Mower (2024)

Parts – TimeCutter SS 3200 Riding Mower (1)

Product Information

  • Model #: 74621
  • Serial #: 313000001 - 313999999
  • Product Type: Riding Products


Parts – TimeCutter SS 3200 Riding Mower (2)

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Drawing Title Part Number Description

32 Inch Deck Assembly

32 Inch Deck, Belt and Blade Assembly

Belt and Idler Assembly

Body Styling and Fuel Pod Assembly

Caster Wheel Assembly No. 120-5515

Clutch Assembly

Deck Lift Assembly

Engine and Muffler Assembly

Frame, Front Axle and Caster Wheel Assembly

Fuel Delivery Assembly

Hydro Transaxle Assembly

Left Hand Hydro Transaxle Assembly No. 119-3330

Motion Control Assembly

No. 1 Engine Assembly No. 120-4335

No. 2 Engine Assembly No. 120-4335

No. 3 Engine Assembly No. 120-4335

Right Hand Hydro Transaxle Assembly No. 119-3331

Seat Assembly

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  • Service Manual

    • English (492-9234)
    • English (492-4778)
    • English (492-9331)

  • Operator's Manual

    • English (3375-745)
    • French (3375-747)
    • Spanish (3375-746)

  • Setup Instructions

    • English (3367-986)


Hourmeter Kit for Timecutter Mowers (Part # 116-5461)

$107.79 USD

The Toro Hour meter kit provides fractional engine hour tracking to easily track usage and service intervals. Easy to install into pre-existing slot and connects with the wiring harness leading to the seat switch.

$107.79 USD

Please contact your local dealer

KIT-JACK MOUNT (Part # 126-5251)

$93.49 USD

$93.49 USD

Riding Mower Jack Kit (Part # 127-6666)

$126.49 USD

Genuine Toro jack mount kit. Mounts to the front of the mower and allows the owner to raise the mower to gain access to the underside of the deck to check blades or wash the deck. To best protect your investment and maintain optimal performance of your turf equipment, count on Toro genuine parts. When it comes to reliability, Toro delivers replacement parts designed to the exact engineering specifications of our equipment. For peace of mind, insist on Toro genuine parts.

$126.49 USD

Please contact your local dealer

Attachment Mount Kit for Residential Z-Mowers (Part # 131-3966)

$232.09 USD

Genuine OEM Part

$232.09 USD

Front Weight Kit for TimeCutter Mowers (Part # 131-7658)

$269.99 USD

This weight kit is required to get the best performance of Toro attachments such as the Cargo Carrier (79030) or the Brinly-Hardy rear mounted spreader or sprayer. The weight balances the machine installed with an attachment. The kit contains one 35 lb. weight and the hardware needed to install it. Can be easily removed when the attachment is not in use. The weight kit is included with the TimeCutter baggers (see baggers for details)

$269.99 USD


TimeCutter Lever Steer Rubber Anti-Vibration Floor Mat (Part # 132-6921)

$54.99 USD

Genuine OEM Part

$54.99 USD


$64.99 USD

$64.99 USD

TimeCutter SS Foot Assist HOC System (Part # 79010)

$109.99 USD

The Toro Foot-Assist Height-of-Cut System allows operators to easily raise and lower the mower deck using their foot. This option is ideal for situations where the deck height or height-of-cut needs to be adjusted frequently. Specifically designed for Toro TimeCutter SS mowers, this product provides mechanical leverage to add convenience to your mower.

$109.99 USD

TimeCutter SS Sunshade (Part # 79011)

$268.99 USD

Keep cool and dry while you mow. The Toro TimeCutter sunshade increases operator comfort by shielding you from the elements. Assembles easily and offers a clean line of sight across your entire mowing area. Genuine Toro Parts and accessories are designed specifically for your machine and built to exacting standards with tight tolerances. Other parts simply don't stack up to the quality, performance, and value of Genuine Toro Parts.

$268.99 USD

HITCH KIT [TIMECUTTER MY2011 UP] (Part # 79014)

$53.89 USD

$53.89 USD

Parts – TimeCutter SS 3200 Riding Mower (33)

Cargo Carrier, Zero-Turn-Radius Riding Mower (Part # 79040)

Parts – TimeCutter SS 3200 Riding Mower (34)

Deluxe Small Zero-Turn-Radius Riding Mower Storage Cover (Part # 79317)

Assist Bar and Step Kit for TimeCutter SS and MX (Part # 79339)

$159.99 USD

Toro's Step and Assist Bar Kit will help you to step in and out of your TimeCutter with ease. The telescoping bar adjusts to your height and will assist you when entering and exiting the machine. The non-slip step gives offers additional support.

$159.99 USD

TimeCutter Twin Bagger for 32 in. Deck (Part # 79390)

$899.00 USD

The Toro TimeCutter Twin Bagger with its 6 bushel (8 cu. ft.) capacity makes quick work of taking care of grass clippings or fallen leaves. When paired with one of Toro's top discharge decks, its performance can't be beat. It assembles easy and once initially installed, can be removed and put back on without tools. Includes bagger, mount kit and front weight.

$899.00 USD

Parts – TimeCutter SS 3200 Riding Mower (37)

10 cu. ft. Poly Dump Cart (Part # 79991)

Product Details

  • Model #
  • Serial #
    313000001 - 313999999
  • Product Name
    TimeCutter SS 3200 Riding Mower
  • Product Brand
  • Product Type
    Riding Products
  • Product Series
    Zero Radius Turn, Consumer
  • Chassis Type
    ZRT - Consumer
  • Swath
    32 inch
  • Discharge
    Side Discharge
  • Engine/Motor Manufacturer
  • Engine/Motor Size
  • Engine/Motor Type
    4 Cycle
  • Engine Starter
  • Transmission Type
  • Traction Type
    Rear WD


  • Engine: Battery
    12V 195CCA
  • Engine: Spark Plug
    Champion RC12YC
  • Engine: Spark Plug Gap
    .030"/ .76mm
  • Engine: Ignition Coil Air Gap
    .008-.016" / .2-.4mm
  • Chassis: Height of Cut Range
    1.5-4.5"; 1/2" increments
  • Engine: Engine Speed
    3400+50/-0 RPM
  • Drive System: Ground Speed
    Fwd. High 0-7.0 MPH, Low 0-4.0 MPH; Rev 0-3.5 MPH
  • Engine: Engine Oil Type
    filter change 36 oz. (1.0 L); no filter 34 oz. (1.05 L) SAE 30
  • Chassis: Tire Pressure
    Rear 12 psi; Front see sidewall of tire
  • Drive System: Gearbox Lubricant
    20W50 Engine oil 54oz (1.687qt)
Parts – TimeCutter SS 3200 Riding Mower (2024)
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