Dell PowerEdge R450 Server- 8-Bay SFF 2.5"- 1x Intel Xeon Silver 4309Y (2.3GHz- 8C/16T)- 16GB DDR-4 (3200Mhz) ECC Enterprise RAM- PERC H355- Single Hot-Plug Power Supply (1+0) 1100W- IDRAC9 Enterprise (2024)

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Dell PowerEdge R450 Server- 8-Bay SFF 2.5"- 1x Intel Xeon Silver 4309Y (2.3GHz- 8C/16T)- 16GB DDR-4 (3200Mhz) ECC Enterprise RAM- PERC H355- Single Hot-Plug Power Supply (1+0) 1100W- IDRAC9 Enterprise (4) Earn 830 points/R830 (Each R100 spent = 1 point, 1 point = R1 discount)
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Dell PowerEdge R450 Server, 8-Bay SFF 2.5", 1x Intel Xeon Silver 4309Y (2.3GHz, 8C/16T), 16GB DDR-4 (3200Mhz) ECC Enterprise RAM, PERC H355, Single Hot-Plug Power Supply (1+0) 1100W, IDRAC9 Enterprise, Excluding Rails and Bezel

R83,046 incl. VAT

R72,214 excl. VAT


IN STOCK at EXTERNAL supplier.
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COLLECTION from GeeWiz available in 3-4 Days

Product is expected to be in stock, however stock levels are LOW, so stock may be finished. If ordered, we will contact you if this product is sold out

From R7,733per month

Or as low as R27,682 / month interest-free, using your existing credit card. How it worksDell PowerEdge R450 Server- 8-Bay SFF 2.5"- 1x Intel Xeon Silver 4309Y (2.3GHz- 8C/16T)- 16GB DDR-4 (3200Mhz) ECC Enterprise RAM- PERC H355- Single Hot-Plug Power Supply (1+0) 1100W- IDRAC9 Enterprise (6)

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Dell PowerEdge R450 Server, 8-Bay SFF 2.5", 1x Intel Xeon Silver 4309Y (2.3GHz, 8C/16T), 16GB DDR-4 (3200Mhz) ECC Enterprise RAM, PERC H355, Single Hot-Plug Power Supply (1+0) 1100W, IDRAC9 Enterprise, Excluding Rails and Bezel



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