Darcey and Stacey Silva React to Georgi's 'Glow Up' (Exclusive) (2024)


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7:03 AM PST, February 8, 2023

Darcey and Stacey Silva are owning up to everything. ET's Melicia Johnson sat down with the twins at their gorgeous rooftop place in Miami, Florida, to talk about the latest season of, where they got candid abouteverything from enhancing their pictures on social media, Darcey searching for true love and Darcey's ex-fiancé, Georgi, sportinga dramatic new look.

As 90 Day Fiancéfans know, Darcey hasn't had the best luck when it comes to love. Fans saw her failed relationships with Jesse, Tom and Georgi, and during the currentseason, Darcey enlists the help of a matchmaker named Michelle. Michelle is blunt when it comes to her advice to Darcey, which included to stop using such heavily filtered photos to represent her. Darcey explained to ET where she's coming from with the doctored photos, which fans haven't been shy about criticizing online as well.

"You know what, hey, to each their own," she said. "I understand, you know, I actually was just scrolling through my phone when she was asking for some pictures and I was applying for the application and those were the ones that I had kind ofmost recent, they had filters on them, but we ended up doing like a little impromptu photo shoot in her office on her phone that were not filtered, so we were able to get some really good shots of me just in my natural self."

Darcey acknowledged that she feels pressure always being on camera unfiltered anddefended using filters on her photos.

"I just think it's something that we do for social media," she explained. "It's fun, you know, it's my Instagram page, my social media pages, and I don't mind having a filter or two. I mean, you know, it's for fun. We are on camera in our natural state."

"There's definitely no shame in our game," she added. "Yeah, we know who we are on the inside and the outside."

Darcey and Stacey have been open about undergoing extensive plastic surgery over the years, but one thing that's sure to get fans talking this season is the two getting an "O-Shot" to improve sexual relations.

"It happens down there, it's called the O-Shot and what they do is they take PRP [platelet-rich plasma] which is they take your own blood and they put it through a machine and they shake it to take the red part away of the blood and you're left with gold," Darcey explained of the procedure. "They call it liquid gold PRP."

Stacey added, "Then they inject inside the vagin*l area ... to tighten it to make you, like, you know ..."

Darcey finished, "More young and youthful down there again."

Darcey said the shot definitely works and Stacey pointed out that she and her twin started their cosmetic procedures later in life.

"We didn't even try Botox until we were 35, you know, we'd both had our kids ... things were kind of ... you know, going down. So we just wanted to lift everything up," she said.

Meanwhile, Darcey is definitely trying to find love this season, and this time, she's dating men her ownage as opposed to dating much younger like she's done in the past. Clearly, her daughters, Aspen and Aniko, approve of that.

"They high-fived me, high-fived each other," Darcey said if their joyous on-camera reaction. "It was really fun to see them just really happy for me and moving on, moving forward in my life and, you know, they've seen me with younger guys in the past, obviously in relationships that didn't serve me well and yeah, it was just a really nice experience that they could be there for me when I was getting ready and just for us to be in that moment together and just see me excited. Was I a little nervous? Sure, but you know what, I was probably more nervous than them but they were really excited for me nonetheless."

Stacey got blunt about Darcey picking "toxic men" in the past.

"I'm still trying to figure that out because I mean, I know she deserves so much more and she radiates love and positivity," she said. "I just feel like, you know, these guys that she attracts, they just suck her energy dry. I don't know, I just feel like people leech onto thatkind of positive energy and ... they feel like they can take advantage."

Darcey acknowledged, "So I've got toput up strict boundaries now in my life and just really take my time finding the right one, you know?"

This season viewers also see the extremely close Darcey and Stacey argue more intensely than theyever have before. Darcey insisted that she isn't jealous of Stacey's relationship with her husband, Florian.

"At times I feel, you know, she's happy, I want to be happy too. Do I compare myself wanting to have a relationship like her and Florian? I wouldn't want to date a Florian type -- that's Stacey's type, you know?" she explained. "I want to date who I'm attracted to and who wants to be a power couple with me, so I wouldn't say it's so much jealousy. I'm just happy and my day will come."

But Florian did cause drama this season when he invited Georgi to Miami to hang out, calling Darcey's ex his "best friend." Considering Darcey and Georgi didn't exactly end their relationship on the friendliest terms, Stacey called the move a "slap in the face." Darcey was caught off guard as well.

"I was a little shocked by that, but when we were all together it was always the four of us, so he probably was missing that dynamic and maybe Florian too 'cause we were new to Miami and he didn't have a lot of friends at that time," Darcey mused, admitting it was difficult to see Georgi again. "I feel like I fully had moved on. It had been months and months."

Still, the twins complimented Georgi's bold new look, which included chopping off his long dark hair and dying it blond.

"He looks good," Stacey said.

"Yeah, gotta give him that, new teeth," Darcey added.

When Stacey hilariously pointed out that Georgi isn't the first of Darcey's exes to get new teeth after dating her, Darcey cracked, "I don't know, they like to copycat. He's blondand now he has veneers."

Stacey noted, "They get mad that we did all these surgeries and then they get new teeth and new hair and I'm like, there's nothing wrong with a glow up, like, geez."

Darcey & Stacey airs Mondays at 8 p.m.ET/PT on TLC.



Darcey and Stacey on Competing With One Another and Georgi's Big 'Glow Up' (Exclusive)

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