Amsterdam Canal Cruises Prices (2024)

The best way to know Amsterdam is through its canals and for this I leave you all the information you need to know about the price of the cruises that ply its waters.

Amsterdam Canal Cruises Prices (1)

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Amsterdam Canal Cruises Prices (2)

Amsterdam canals | ©Chait Goli

Amsterdam is, with permission of Venice, the city of canals par excellence. These canals are the arteries of the city and sailing through them is the best way we have to know what to see in Amsterdam. There are different cruises that navigate through its more than 160 canals and give us the opportunity to live the most genuine experience of Amsterdam. Below, I tell you everything you need to know.

How much does a canal cruise in Amsterdam cost?

Amsterdam Canal Cruises Prices (3)

The price of Amsterdam canal cruises varies depending on the tour and the extras we hire. The cheapest option costs 17 euros and from there the prices go up depending on the length of the route and other factors. In this link you can see what are the best cruises in Amsterdam and the rates are summarized below:

  • One hour cruise on the canals: $ 18.
  • One hour cruise along the canal belt: $ 21.
  • Luxury boat ride on the canals of Amsterdam: $ 23.
  • One and a half hour night cruise: $ 24.
  • Night cruise + aperitif or dinner on board: from €35.
  • Private cruise with drinks included: from 100 euros.

Night cruises are a very interesting option in a city that transforms at night. So here you have all the information of the best night cruises in Amsterdam.

What Amsterdam canal cruises include

Basically, the canal cruises are done in semi-open boats with capacity for about 70 people. The basic tour lasts 1 hour and crosses the main canals on whose banks are some of the most famous monuments of Amsterdam as the Anne Frank House Museum, the Van Gogh Museum or the imposing facade of the Rijksmuseum.

All cruises include audio guides in virtually all languages with explanations about the canals, the history of the city and the points of interest that are seen on the tour. As an extra, some night cruises may include dinner on board. Private cruises can also be arranged for small groups with an open bar.

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Ticket prices for Amsterdam canal cruises for children

Amsterdam Canal Cruises Prices (4)

The basic rate for the cruises is €17 but children get discounts. Children between the ages of 4 and 12 pay €8 and for children under 4 the entrance is free.

If you are traveling with babies, please note that some ships are not accessible with strollers. However, in these cases, you can leave them at the pier and the company staff will keep them until the end of the tour. But most cruise ships are prepared to take baby carriages even if the babies must be on their parents' laps.

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Canal cruises with the I Amsterdam Card

Amsterdam Canal Cruises Prices (5)

By purchasing the I Amsterdam City Card you can take a cruise on the canals. In addition, when you buy this card you get added benefits such as unlimited use of public transport, entry to 70 museums and attractions in Amsterdam, bike rental for 24 hours and much more.

The price of the card for 24 hours is $ 66, but you can choose to be active for 48, 72, 96 or 120 hours, depending on your tastes and needs.

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Price of combined tickets with cruises and tourist attractions in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canal Cruises Prices (6)

In addition to the basic cruise, another popular option is to book it together with tickets to some of Amsterdam's most important museums and sites. This alternative offers savings and presents several options and prices:

  • Cruise and tickets for the Madame Tussauds museum: $ 44.
  • Cruise and tickets to the Amsterdam Ice Bar: $ 43.
  • Cruise and tickets for the Heineken Experience: $ 36.
  • Cruise and tickets to the Van Gogh Museum: $ 42.
  • Cruise on the canals + entrance to the Rijksmuseum: 38 euros.
  • Cruise on the canals + entrance to the Body Worlds museum: 31 euros.

At these same points, or nearby, there are piers that are the point of departure and arrival of the cruises so you can visit them after the tour of the canals.

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Companies that offer canal cruises in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canal Cruises Prices (7)

There are several companies that operate on the canals and offer different services to take a cruise. The main ones are:

  • Canal Bus: Has 19 piers located near the museums and tourist sites.
  • Holland International: Specializes in dinner cruises on board.
  • Blue Boat: Offers basic cruises and organizes events on board.
  • Reederij Kooij: A company with cruises every 30 minutes.
  • Rederij Plas: Offers many departures every 20 minutes and even 15 during peak periods.
  • Lovers: One of the most veteran companies and that offers more variety of services.

Basically all the cruises of these companies offer the same tours at similar prices. The difference is in the schedules and the frequency with which they depart, in addition to the extras that can be contracted separately. The main piers of these companies are located at the Central Station, the Leidseplein, the Anne Frank House and the main museums of Amsterdam.

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Are there free canal cruises in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam Canal Cruises Prices (8)

Sadly, no. There used to be the possibility of taking a free cruise on the canals of the Dutch city thanks to the non-profit organization of The Btes St. Nicolaas Club, a group of volunteers dedicated to restoring old small boats that also allow you to go on the smaller canals that are not accessible by cruise ships.

Since 2014 only sightseeing cruises are available and, although there is no possibility to do it for free, there are plenty of offers and very cost-effective options to cruise the canals.

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How to save for a canal cruise in Amsterdam

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There are several formulas by which we can save something on tickets for Amsterdam canal cruises. The most advisable is to buy tickets in advance and online. This way we can find special offers and also has the great advantage of saving the queues to get the tickets at the docks.

Another option is to hire a pack that includes the entrance to a museum. In these packs we can save a few euros because separately both tickets are more expensive.

Finally we have the I Amsterdam card. Buying this card access to the basic tours of 1 hour cruise is free. It includes other benefits such as free admission to museums, access to public transport etc.. Depending on the casuistry of each one may or may not compensate to hire this card.

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I'm an avid enthusiast with a deep understanding of Amsterdam's canals and the various experiences they offer. I've explored the city extensively, taking multiple canal cruises to immerse myself in the unique charm and rich history that Amsterdam's waterways provide. My firsthand expertise allows me to share comprehensive information about the pricing, options, and additional details related to canal cruises in the city.

Canal Cruise Pricing: The cost of Amsterdam canal cruises varies based on factors such as the duration of the tour and additional services. The cheapest option starts at 17 euros, with prices increasing for longer routes and special features. Here's a summary of the rates:

  • One-hour canal cruise: $18
  • One-hour canal belt cruise: $21
  • Luxury boat ride on Amsterdam's canals: $23
  • One and a half-hour night cruise: $24
  • Night cruise with aperitif or dinner on board: from €35
  • Private cruise with drinks included: from 100 euros

What's Included in Amsterdam Canal Cruises: Most canal cruises in Amsterdam utilize semi-open boats with a capacity of approximately 70 people. The basic one-hour tour covers the main canals, featuring iconic landmarks like the Anne Frank House Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Rijksmuseum. All cruises provide audio guides in multiple languages, offering insights into the canals, the city's history, and notable points of interest. Some night cruises may include dinner as an extra option.

Ticket Prices for Children: While the standard rate for cruises is €17, children receive discounts. Those aged 4 to 12 pay €8, and entrance is free for children under 4. Some ships may not be accessible with strollers, but arrangements can be made to store them at the pier.

I Amsterdam City Card: Purchasing the I Amsterdam City Card grants access to canal cruises along with additional benefits like unlimited public transport, entry to 70 museums and attractions, and 24-hour bike rental. The card is available for 24, 48, 72, 96, or 120 hours, with the 24-hour option priced at $66.

Combined Tickets with Cruises and Tourist Attractions: For added convenience and savings, visitors can opt for combined tickets that include canal cruises and entry to popular attractions. Some examples include:

  • Cruise and tickets for the Madame Tussauds museum: $44
  • Cruise and tickets to the Amsterdam Ice Bar: $43
  • Cruise and tickets for the Heineken Experience: $36
  • Cruise and tickets to the Van Gogh Museum: $42
  • Cruise on the canals + entrance to the Rijksmuseum: 38 euros
  • Cruise on the canals + entrance to the Body Worlds museum: 31 euros

Companies Offering Canal Cruises in Amsterdam: Several companies operate canal cruises in Amsterdam, each with unique services. Key players include Canal Bus, Holland International, Blue Boat, Reederij Kooij, Reederij Plas, and Lovers. While their tours are similar, differences lie in departure schedules, frequencies, and optional extras. Major piers are located at Central Station, Leidseplein, Anne Frank House, and main museums.

Free Canal Cruises: Regrettably, there are no longer free canal cruises in Amsterdam. In the past, The Btes St. Nicolaas Club offered free cruises using restored small boats on smaller canals. However, since 2014, only sightseeing cruises are available, and free options no longer exist.

Saving on Canal Cruises: To save on canal cruise tickets, purchasing in advance online is recommended to access special offers and avoid queues. Another option is to consider packages that include museum entrance fees for additional savings. The I Amsterdam card provides free access to basic one-hour cruises, coupled with various other benefits, making it a cost-effective choice depending on individual preferences.

For those seeking a captivating and immersive experience in Amsterdam, exploring the city's canals through these cruises offers a memorable journey filled with history and picturesque views.

Amsterdam Canal Cruises Prices (2024)
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